Fruit and Berry Fertilizer - Orgunique

Fruit & Berry 3-2-4 500ml 

  • Feeds all fruits
  • Use all Season
  • 500ml
  • Organic and Natural

An organic and natural plant food specially formulated for all fruiting plants. It provides complete nutrition required to produce superior quality organic fruits, with good taste and increased shelf life. 

Fish emulsion, humic acid, sulfate of potash, amino acids, kelp extract, citric acid, eucalyptus oil. 

We usually suggested limited fertilizing for the first few years after planting and you want the tree to focus on establishing strong roots and adapting to your climate. 

After a few years if your trees are planted in infertile soil a bit of fertilizer can be used early in the season. Never fertilize past July and too much late growth is unlikely to survive the winter.

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