Grafting Workshop! Saturday, August 20th, 2022

This is a "graft your own tree" event. With all participants being provided a potted apple tree to practice the technique and then you get to take home your very own, multi-variety apple tree to plant at your home. 

It will be held at Season's Pharmacy on Lorne Street, Saturday afternoon from 2-4pm. 

We will discuss the technique of "bud grafting" that can be used to add additional fruit varieties to apple and pear trees, it's can also be attempted on plums and other fruit trees. 

There will be a teaching portion and discussion by Phil Beauchamp and Ron Lewis, then everyone will be offered ample opportunity to try it out themselves on there very own trees with guidance and advice from the experts. 

It's suggested you bring a sharp knife with a flat straight blade. Small pockets knives often work well. Otherwise we will provide all the other supplies. 

The event will be limited to 12 people.  (If you want to attend, but not practice or take home your own tree, want to attend in pairs, just reach out and we can try to accommodate as well).

PS if you have any apple varieties not listed below and would like to bring a "bud stick" from your tree to the event that would be greatly appreciated. (A bud stick is a small branch cutting from vigorous 1 year old growth that is showing signs of bud development at the base of a leaf. It's best to cut the leaves off the bud stick but leave the small petiole)

Apple varieties include:



Red Sparkle

September Ruby








Category: Apple

Type: Apple Tree

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