Scot's Pine

Scot's Pine - These are a bit less traditional as Christmas trees, as they have longer needles than spruces, and are more leggy and less dense. I think they make a perfect "Charlie Brown tree" if that's the look your going for.  They are also the most economical option if you wanted to test the waters with a living Christmas Tree. 

They are available in 2 gallon pots. They do stand tall up to approx 3ft, but are not very dense and have bare lower portions of the trees. 

The pot dimensions are 8" diameter at top, 7" diameter bottom and 8.5" tall. They are in black draining nursery pots, so you will need a small vessel to place it into for regular watering. 

For people wishing to plant these trees long term, they are a great option for our climates and extremely hardy for zone 2. They are extremely tolerant of many conditions and an easy to grow tree. They have a tendency to be non-symmetrical when mature, 

While indoors the trees will require plenty of regular watering. It's recommended not to place them by fire places, furnace vents or direct sources of heat. Try to limit their time indoors to less than 6 weeks, for maximum long term survival. After the holidays, you need to slowly put them back into winter dormancy. Start with 1-2 weeks in an unheated garage, shed or something similar (If that's not an option place it close to the outside of your house or under another big tree). The next step is to bury the pot in the snow and let it spend the rest of the winter in that location, once the ground is workable in the spring go ahead and plant it in it's long term location. 

We are partnering with reThink Green to sell these living Christmas trees with all proceeds going to support the Flour Mill Community Farm!

Pick up will be at the Sudbury Indie Cinema Mon, Nov 28th to Thurs, Dec 1st 5:30-7pm on the following basis: 

  • Orders made before 5pm Sun, Nov 27th will be available for pick up on the 28th 

  • Orders made before 5pm from the 28th-30th will be available for pick up the NEXT day 

  • Deadline to order is 5pm Nov 30th for pickup Dec 1st 

Orders must be made in advance and will be taken online only. Ordering will be open until 5pm on Wednesday Nov, 30th or until we’re out of trees (whichever comes earlier). 

We are so excited to offer these living trees as a new holiday option, while helping the planet and a great local cause!  

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