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Time to Start Thinking about Spring!

It might seam early but it's right around the corner and I have lots to prepare!
I know the first question I always get is when to order and I am hoping to start accepting orders around late March. I usually wait till I have all my confirmations on stock. The best way to be notified is to sign up for the email list as I will usually send lots of reminders and notice. 

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This year we will continue to have a huge variety different fruit trees and shrubs. We are also expanding the offerings of native trees. We will once again have a small selection of vegetables and hopefully some perennial native wildflowers. This year we will not be carrying ornamentals and flowers. 
We are also hoping to do more workshops and educational sessions this year. I am already scheduled to complete a grafting workshop in St. Joseph's island with the Algoma Master Gardeners and plans are in the works for something similar in Sudbury. Hopefully I can also do a few pruning workshops at multiple locations locally.
I am also hoping to train a few more individuals, so that we can continue to provide some onsite pruning services, and planting/landscaping services during the season. With that being said I am also looking to hire at least one full time staff member this summer so if you are interested please reach out. 

Events and workshops!

We are excited to be at Seedy Sudbury this year and so excited that the event is once again in person! They have also expanded greatly this year and will be bigger than ever. For those who are not familiar it's an opportunity to swap some seeds you have saved and obtain some great seeds from other local collectors. This is a great source of locally adapted and genetically diverse seeds for your gardening. There is also lots of great educational opportunities for anyone interested in gardening.

I may bring a few seeds myself and happy to discuss fruit growing in Northern Ontario with anyone that stops by, but what I'm really excited about is having a "Scion Exchange". I know not everyone is as much of a fruit tree geek as I am but I'm hoping there are at least a few in the city. Briefly a scion is a stick from a tree with a desirable characteristic that will be grafted onto another tree. (I know that might still sound like gibberish and doesn't clarify either so I will try to explain it further). If you have a tree that has really good or special apples you can cut a small stick off that tree and attach it to another tree, and that other tree will now grow those same apples. (That's a brief explanation of grafting but please click here to learn more). 

For anyone that is interested in grafting I am scheduled to complete a grafting workshop in St. Joseph's island with the Algoma Master Gardeners and plans are in the works for something similar in Sudbury.

We are hoping to expand our educational content and YouTube channel and need your help!

We are hoping to do some tours and site visits of a few local growers that have some successful trees and shrubs planted. We are hoping to showcase your successes and share some tips and tricks for others. It also helps dispel all the doubters that you can't grow fruit here in Northern Ontario. 

If you want to showcase you site and share your success, please send us an email and we can try to schedule a visit.  


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