We Specialize in Hardy Fruits Trees for Northern Ontario Climates.

Fall Sales!!!

Today Sept 30th, is our official last day for the season! Be sure to come by for super discounts on anything remaining! 

We are now sold out of apple trees!!!

It was a good season and we are fully sold out of many things including Cherries, Haskaps, Blueberries, Pears, and many other things. We do have some plums, currants, raspberries, strawberries and many other plants still available. Everything will remain at regular price. But with that being said bring some cash and we can make a deal ;). (Mostly because I have lots of room to plant shrubs ..lol)

Fall hours will be Saturday 10-4pm. If those times don't work we can also arrange for pick-up of any paid online orders at your convenience. 



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Of course if for some reason you are not satisfied we respectfully ask that you reach out so we can rectify the issue, instead of leaving a negative review. 


We are hoping to expand our educational content and YouTube channel and need your help!

We are hoping to do some tours and site visits of a few local growers that have some successful trees and shrubs planted. We are hoping to showcase your successes and share some tips and tricks for others. It also helps dispel all the doubters that you can't grow fruit here in Northern Ontario. 

If you want to showcase you site and share your success, please send us an email and we can try to schedule a visit.  


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