Welcome Page

Lewis Hardy Fruit Trees is now known as Beautiful Field Farm and Fruit Trees.

We are slowly expanding into some more farming activities and wanted to change our name slightly to better showcase this. Our main focus will still be in providing hardy fruit trees for northern climates. By the way if anyone is looking for some forest raised fresh pork, we will have some for sale the first week of December, reach out to us at beautifulfieldfarm@gmail.com to place an order. 


We are reopened for Fall Sales!!!

You can now place your order for any of our remaining stock. We have a few great trees left this season and now that the scorching summer heat is over it's a safe time to plant again. We will be opened for pick-ups and browsing between Sept 17th and Sept 22rd. 

The hours are as follows:

Sept 17-5pm-7pm.

Sept 18- 10am-4pm.

Sept 20th - 5pm - 7pm.

Sept 22- 5pm-7pm.

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