We Specialize in Hardy Fruits Trees for Northern Ontario Climates.

Time to start planning for the season!

Things are starting to ramp up behind the scenes for the season. I'm starting to get organized and ready for spring sales. Everything will be very similar to previous years. I plan to launch the website around the last week of March for a pre-sale period, when you can secure any trees you want for this season. I will only be able to accept orders through the website so please don't email me to put anything aside for you (unfortunately I usually loose track and it leads to disappointment...sorry). I will try to send lots of advance notice of the exact date and time the site will be ready for orders. The best way to be alerted is to sign up for our "Tree" mail at the bottom of this page. 

We will open for picks up and on site sales the first weekend in May, so this year I'm planning to open May 3rd. 


Of course that's not all we are doing this spring! 

We are also planning to host another day of pruning and grafting workshops on site at the farm, planned for March 23rd. We are also planning to host a similar workshop this spring at Season's Pharmacy. (still determining a date). Also if anyone or any other groups in the city and surrounding area are interested in hosting any workshops please reach out to me and I'd be happy to talk further. I had a great time last spring doing 2 days of workshops at St. Joseph's Island. 

We are also excited to be attending Seedy Sunday again this year. We will once again have a scion exchange at the event. This is when we trade small cuttings from our trees with other growers in the community for grafting, to add other varieties to a single tree. Here is a discussion about grafting and scion collection for anyone interested. We will also be there to answer any questions about growing fruit trees in northern climates and selling a small selection of pruning and grafting supplies. 

 One last mention!

I was very impressed by this video created by the team at Sudbury Shared Harvest to discuss some of the impacts of industrial agriculture and importance of supporting local agriculture and the benefits of food forests. Sounds like the are once again planning lots of great activities this year. 


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We are hoping to expand our educational content and YouTube channel and need your help!

We are hoping to do some tours and site visits of a few local growers that have some successful trees and shrubs planted. We are hoping to showcase your successes and share some tips and tricks for others. It also helps dispel all the doubters that you can't grow fruit here in Northern Ontario. 

If you want to showcase you site and share your success, please send us an email and we can try to schedule a visit.  


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