We Specialize in Hardy Fruits Trees for Northern Ontario Climates.

If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree yet, we have a great opportunity for you!

We are partnering with reThink Green to sell living Christmas trees with all proceeds going to the Flour Mill Community Farm!

These trees are dormant so you can use them inside as a decoration for the holidays and then they can be planted to continue growing in the spring! It's an amazing way to help the planet and support a great cause.

There will be multiple varieties available from tiny 1 foot trees (perfect for an apartment!) to ones that are 3-4 feet tall.

Orders are now live and we have very limited availability for this year.

We are hoping to expand our educational content and YouTube channel and need your help!

We are hoping to do some tours and site visits of a few local growers that have some successful trees and shrubs planted. We are hoping to showcase your successes and share some tips and tricks for others. It also helps dispel all the doubters that you can't grow fruit here in Northern Ontario. 

If you want to showcase you site and share your success, please send us an email and we can try to schedule a visit.  


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