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Hardiness: Zone 3

Size: Standard Tree up to 20 ft.

Planting: Full Sun, good soil. 

Fruit: Combination trees will have 3-4 different grafted varieties. 

Pollination: Self-pollinating.

Use: Excellent for fresh eating or cooking. 

Pot: 5 gal

Ripening: Varied

This tree has be grafted to have 3-4 different types of hardy apples. This makes the tree able to cross pollinate itself if you only want 1 tree. Due to the extra care involved in this grafting these trees do carry a premium. 

Potted tree varieties;

2022 Trees
The main trunk is Harcourt, the bottom bud (blue) is Honeycrisp, the middle bud (purple) is Gemini and the top bud (red) is Zestar. If it is a 4 Variety then it is all of these. If it is a 3 variety then it depends on which 2 of these 3 buds took.

2023 Tree
Main trunk Harcourt or Gloria
Bottom-Pink- Goodland
Middle Blue- Gemini
Top-Orange- Odyssey
2024 Tree
Main trunk Harcourt.
  • Blue / Bottom Bud: Goodland
  • Red / Middles bud: Odyssey
  • Pink / Top bud: Gloria

The bare root trees have at least 4 of the following varieties; Goodland, Parkland, Battleford, Norland and September Ruby. 

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Category: Apple

Type: Apple Tree

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