Meeker's Magic Liquid Fish Fertilizer/ Follicular Spray

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Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Organic fish fertilizer is often applied with effective microorganisms, mycorrhizal fungi, compost tea other liquid organic fertilizers. Many people swear by this as a foliar feed.

Personally I have been looking for a product like this since reading about it's benefits in many of the orchard and fruit tree management books. 

It is sold by the 1L container, and Mike supply's it in a gigantic bulk tote. So I will place it into mason jars or similar containers, but certainly appreciated if you could bring a refillable container for your pick ups.  

Liquid Fish Fertilizer Application

How much do you need? The recommended application rate for soil is 10 gallons/acre (900 mL/1,000 sq ft), and for foliar sprays 5 gallons/acre (450 mL/1,000 sq ft). The product is a concentrate and should be diluted at least 1:10 with water for soil application and 1:50 for plant/foliar treatment.

This means one liter of fish fertilizer, diluted in 10 liters of water, covers 1,100 square feet of soil. Or, 100mL of fish, diluted in one liter of water, is good for 110 sq ft.

To spray plants, dilute one liter of fish in 50 liters of water to cover 2,200 square feet of area. Or, four teaspoons (20mL) of fish, diluted in one liter of water, to cover 44 sq ft. Don’t worry too much about the square footage. Just dilute 1:50 and spray till leaves are dripping wet.

The fish hydrolysate is mixed with water in a watering can, sprayer, or irrigation system. It is best applied early in the morning, while the evening would be the second choice. Preferably, liquid fish fertilizer is applied in small, regular doses, monthly or even weekly. 



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